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Translators’ Association Worldwide : focus n°11 on the Association of Translation Companies (ATC)







Every Week, discover a new translators’ association or professional body related to the translation market.

Today : the Association of Translation Companies (ATC).

The Association of Translation Companies was formed in 1976 by a group of leading translation companies in Britain, making it one of the oldest organisations representing the interests of translation companies in the world.

Over the years the Association has expanded its horizons and attracted members from around the world. For those seeking to source translations, the Association acts as an impartial clearing house guiding them to those members most suited to help them.

ATC members must carry professional indemnity insurance cover and adhere to an agreed Code of Professional Conduct, which has now become the profession’s standard. In cases of dispute between a client and a translation company, whether it is a member or not, the Association offers an independent arbitration service.

Because the Association represents the translation company sector of the profession, it can talk with authority to legislators about matters affecting the translation industry. The ATC is a founding member of the European Union of Association of Translation Companies – a pan European grouping of translation company associations.

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