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EUATC conference, 8th edition.






On May 3rd, fellow translators from all over Europe were gathered at the Thon hotel in Brussels to attend the 8th international conference of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC).

The EUATC is keen to help the European translation industry thrive and overcome the different challenges it is currently facing, be it price, machine translation options, marketing strategies or worldwide competition. This 8th edition, hosted by the Belgian Quality Translation Association BQTA,  focused on government-related translation business, open tenders are non-neglectable in the sector. The conference programme included the intervention of many speakers such as (Harald Elsen, cofounder, managing director and COO at Delta International), Jean- Léopold Schuybroe (Chairman of Interel Belgium, president of BPRCA, vice-president of ICCO) as well as many other highly recognised professionals in the field.

The conference is like a big family reunion for european translators. Some of the main issues tackled this year were  translation for the public sector and the different business challenges one can face . The overall atmosphere was rather festal and ended with a networking session, where professionals from various companies and countries got the chance to mingle and exchange ideas.


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