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Interview with a Translator: PAUL KEMPSON


In this new series of interviews, Over the Word presents its professional in-house and freelance translation team. Our first interview is with Paul Kempson, in-house translator at Over the Word and team leader of the UK/US team.

Read the full interview here, or click the link on the interview questions below.

How long you have been working as a translator, what are your specialisations, and what are your language combinations?

What motivated you to become a translator?

Describe an average work day for you as an in-house translator.

What is the most difficult project you have worked on and what were the challenging aspects?

How important is research in your translation process? How do you approach the translation of a subject that you are not familiar with?

In this digital age, there are more and more computer-assisted tools available to translators, such as translation memories that store previous translations in order to save time on future translation projects. Are there any tools that are essential for your work? What in your view are the advantages and drawbacks of such technology?

There has been an evolution in automated translation over the past few years, the biggest automated translation engine currently being Google Translate, do you think human translators are at risk of being displaced?

What are the key factors in producing an excellent translation?



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