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Telework and translation: the pros and cons according to OTW’s director

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With the advent of laptops, the internet and remote access to a company’s secure network, remote work, or “teleworking”, was born. It’s not clear whether this method of working is particularly common either in France or abroad, but as the managing director of Over the Word, I decided to take a chance; now we’ve been using this system for a number of years and, quite frankly, no regrets!

In the beginning, teleworking was understandably reserved for major corporations, given that specific technical systems needed to be installed, requiring considerable financial investment. It was therefore initially reserved for a select number of top managers. Later, teleworking expanded and became widely accessible: while our main service providers (freelance translators) had already been working from their home offices for many years, I realised one day that a number of project managers for one of our major clients were also regularly working from home. Intrigued, I consulted one of the managers at this company, who told me that this practice was becoming more prevalent there and that they even encouraged it as a means of facilitating certain situations and promoting employee loyalty.

So when one of our English translators from the UK/US team asked a few years ago about the possibility of part-time teleworking, in order to reduce his commuting commitments (seeing as he lives 80 km from our offices), I didn’t hesitate for a second.

… (Julien Demarty)

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