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EUATC survey on the European and global translation markets


A number of translation associations and companies have taken to regularly publishing studies on the translation industry. However, each association generally carries out its own surveys, which are usually limited to members of the association. We can therefore assume that, to date, these studies have presented a certain, fairly reliable snapshot of part of our profession at any one time, rather than a broader overview of the industry as a whole. As they say: what is true for X is not necessarily true for Y!

That said, this gap may just have been plugged.

This time, the survey published by EUATC on its website at the end of April was completed by EUATC (naturally) with the support of GALA, ELIA and FIT. By casting the net wider, analysts were able to study a much broader segment of respondents representative of the entire world of translation, in all its forms.

866 respondents from 49 countries completed the survey, including many outside Europe. If that’s not globalisation, I don’t know what is! The survey covered  the full range of translation industry players, including companies and freelancers. Independent translators accounted for almost one half of respondents.

It is worth noting, however, that the survey was not designed to gather quantitative data: the objective was only to assess the general “mood” of the industry and identify the overall sentiment of translation companies:

So, what’s the verdict?

To find out, simply click here to download the results in PDF format.




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