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Summer Party

OTW celebrates the end of the financial reporting season at Têtedoie

At long last – it’s summer!

For the teams at OTW, summer doesn’t just spell holidays, sun, surf and family.

For us, it also marks the end of the financial reporting season. Usually spanning from mid-February to mid-July, this year the season lasted just four months instead of six – but with just as many projects! In other words: harder work and tighter deadlines. The month of May, which is usually peppered by a slew of public holidays, this year saw a steady stream of annual reports and other such regulatory documents. And, as I’m sure you’ll agree, translators just love it when all the work lands on their desk in one fell swoop, rather than one project after another in a nice orderly fashion…!

However, the teams at OTW rose valiantly to the challenge. And so, it’s with one huge sigh of relief that we kick off the summer season, and what could epitomise the warmer months better than the words “barbecue”, or “terrace”? Nothing beats a trip to Christian Têtedoie’s La Terrasse de l’Antiquaille to celebrate the start of the summer holidays together, before each of us heads off for a well-deserved break.



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