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Happy 2017 International Translation Day

The countdown has begun! At the time of writing, 1 hour 44 minutes and 27 seconds remain until the 2017 International Translation Day event organised by translation website kicks off. It’s actually a two-day event (OK, translators can’t count, they just deal with words) taking place from 26 to 27 September and starting at 10am GMT today. Features include online sessions, panel discussions, focus groups, chats, live Q&A, CAT Tool sales and more, plus the opportunity to earn up to 10 ATA CE points under the American Translators Association’s continuing education scheme. Translators worldwide can participate in the event from any device, at multiple destinations, including the website, TV page, Facebook, Twitter or Periscope page or via the mobile app.



The event is hosted by, an online portal that offers live feeds from events around the globe. There is also a streaming platform,, where you can already click on a number of “posts” offering presentations by translation gurus on a variety of themes, including automated alignment, correcting fuzzy matches, developing multiple income streams, and translation and project management software such as Memo Q and Language Terminal. These posts can be shared with others via the usual social media channels or by copying and pasting the link and sending it to your friends. is an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration for translators: its forums and terminology glossaries cover all subjects under the sun and there are probably few translators today who manage to steer entirely clear of its tentacles. Over the Word’s in-house translators and freelancers are active members and contributors to, which often provides the best answer, or at least the best advice, when searching for elusive terms not covered by other resources. Today’s event is geared to all those working in the broader field of translation, including freelancers and in-house staff, agency directors, translators, interpreters, proofreaders, project managers, etc. It is an opportunity to tune in to the global translation community and share with colleagues and counterparts worldwide – translation can be a lonely occupation, and this event should cure anyone in danger of succumbing to “ivory tower” syndrome! Translation is the open-source science par excellence, it feeds on sharing and anyone is free to jump on this bandwagon, to give and to take, to teach and to learn – it’s a win-win game!

There is no need to register for this year’s event – simply head to or the ProZ live-streaming platform to gain access to over 50 hours of content and share the experience with 1,000’s of language professionals from around the globe.

Can’t attend? All session content will be recorded and will be made available at

From everyone at Over the Word, we wish all of the translators, interpreters, proofreaders and project managers of the world a very happy International Translation Day!


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